Here are some of the things that happen around Communify to make sure that our community is taken care of, when there is a COVID lockdown.  Although we have to reduce contact for some of our key services, the team is doing their best to offer continued support to those in need.

Neighbourhood Centres might be closed, but the team are still here.

We’re offering emergency relief, phone appointments, and food and medication deliveries.  

We’re finding accommodation for those in need.

We’re checking in on our regulars, vulnerable people and the local community.

We are still providing support to those in our mental health programs.

We are running group sessions online.

We are finding equipment for those that need it.

We are still taking referrals.



Our Recovery and Discovery Centre (RAD) is still taking referrals. Group programs are transferring to Zoom where appropriate and some will be cancelled where this is not possible. Groups moving online include ‘Living Well With Anxiety’ and ‘Living Well With Depression’.

The NDIS services are  continuing working and taking referrals, with some critical outreach being given to participants where needed.

The Springboard programme has transitioned on-line with equipment being lent allowing people to continue to participate in the program.



All our teams in the Housing section are continuing to provide support as safely as possible. Sustaining Tenancies is still undertaking phone appointments.

Neighbourhood Centres at New Farm, Bardon and Kelvin Grove are providing emergency relief, responding to local needs and touching base with regulars to see how people are.

Food Security and Medication Drop offs  are still occurring, and coordinating health support where we can.  We are also connecting in with other organisations to make sure people are getting looked after.

HART 4000 is providing support at hotels where people have been placed, through outreach. Phone appointments are continuing with people experiencing homelessness issues.



Our Intensive Family Support team are continuing with phone appointments, providing support where possible, and still accepting referrals through usual pathways.

We work closely with other organisations to provide the best support we can for family situations that need assistance.



We have so many people reliant on social connection and activity with our groups.  Just a few of the things that are happening this week for our clients:

  • Aged Care  – Virtual Exercise – Monday to Thursday
  • Aged Care – Friday-Fun day – virtual catch-up
  • Next week our RAD Art Therapy & Community Care Art Space will be moving to Zoom if lockdown is extended



Aged care services are still processing referrals. In-home care is operating for essential visits only, which are considered as:

Helping with medication, showers, OT (safety), physio, shopping (list only), meals, essential transport (medical).

We have cancelled non-essential visits which are considered: Groups (respite and outings), domestic visits that aren’t necessary for the above, and supported shopping.



Our coordinators for Community Hubs Australia Support and ASRA are keeping in close contact with staff offsite, and our collaborative partners to ensure vulnerable asylum seekers are receiving the emergency relief and support they need.

We’re distributing donated food, food vouchers, assisting with form filling for government services, and doing welfare checks on isolated residents.



We have staff available, who are responding to enquiries and providing support by referring to various departments. We are also making sure Communify staff have all the info they need around lockdown restrictions, leave entitlements and financial support where applicable.

If you or someone you know needs assistance with housing, finance, health at any time, please get in touch.

phone: 3510 2700