Creating an environment where children and their families experience mutually enjoyable, respectful and caring relationships with people and the broader community.

We know that children who are confident, socially competent and who have a strong sense of themselves will undoubtedly enjoy learning now and in the future. We also believe that a child’s connection to their families is fundamentally the most important connection a child has. With these two principles we offer support to children and families in our community.


Communify currently operates a long day care centre specialising in multi age education. Our centre aims to create a nurturing, caring environment for all children and their families.

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Intensive Family Support

A free and voluntary service that can support families under pressure with the aim to keep kids safe. Working with families in the home or in other safe places relevant their needs.

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Flourish will protect children, break the cycle of abuse, and give children and families better lives and better futures.

It’s an innovative intervention model that can be promoted through this flagship project and then replicated in other Australian neighbourhoods, cities and states. We’re currently seeking partnerships and financial support to bring this pilot program to life.

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You know, she always appreciated the help of the Home Assist service while she was at home. This service really made a difference.


What a fabulous place with fabulous, kind people. Generous and giving to all


Communify is a place that builds community for those that don’t have one. It has made me feel connected again.


No other service in Brisbane is currently providing funding for these licences and it has been an amazing opportunity for out clients to be able to be supported in this way

Mercy Community Services

The quality and outputs of your work are really outstanding.