YOD BODS: The Group For Adventurous men and women

Stay healthy and active, meet others and have fun. We’ll give almost anything a go!

To find out more and to check eligibility contact Communify on 3510 2700

Every Wednesday 10.00am – 3.00pm.

For more information about the Younger Onset Dementia Social Group please phone Communify on 3510 2700

What People Say

“Mark and I are most grateful for each effort that Communify has initiated in providing us with services.

Communify’s regular outings have made a ginormous improvement to Mark’s social life. Through these outings with Communify he has gained confidence socialising in a group.

I personally believe that his regular ongoing outings with Communify have helped him to accept his disability and not to feel embarrassed in public. Socialising regularly in the YOD BODS group has given Mark the “hands on” experiences of socially interacting with a group of “like brain disabilities”. He has come to acceptance.

He looks forward to the Community outings each Wednesday. He speaks highly of you, Peter and Barbara. He respects the three of you and shares a fondness for the three of you. The three of you are key players in his life. The memories that he holds of the Communify outings are deeply planted in his brain.

I would like to congratulate Communify taking the initiative in photographing each outing. These photos are promptly shared by Communify after each outing.

The initiative that Communify took to share a mounted photograph the YOD BODS in December 2016 blew Mark away. This framed photograph sits happily on his bedside table.”