The time has come for marriage equality. Communify QLD actively supports the ‘yes’ campaign and stands in solidarity with our LGBTIQ+ staff, volunteers, clients, families, friends and community members.

Communify’s support for marriage equality sits naturally with our stated value of inclusiveness and our commitment to achieving Rainbow Tick accreditation. We embrace diversity wholeheartedly and strive to promote equality for everyone in Australia, regardless of their background, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, life circumstances or physical or intellectual abilities.

Communify encourages its staff to engage with the postal survey and vote ‘yes’ and to look out for our LGBTIQ+ community members during this campaign. Over the coming weeks we urge all parties to be respectful of each other and refrain from hurtful language as this issue is debated.

We will be flying the Rainbow Flag at our Bardon office throughout the course of the survey to demonstrate our support of the yes campaign to the public.

To our LGBTQI+ staff, clients and friends we say: we stand with you and look forward to the day when all people are treated as equal under law.