The beginning of another year is considered to be a time to reflect on how satisfied we are with the way we’ve been living our lives. This leads people to make New Year’s Resolutions to improve some or all aspects of their lives in the year to come.

However, many people find that they struggle to keep their resolutions once the rapid pace and activity of daily life settles back in after the holiday period, and this is because their New Year’s Resolutions plan is lacking a key ingredient – the actionable solution itself.

New Year’s Resolutions are usually specific to each individual person, but we here at Communify feel that there are a few overarching resolutions that can enrich quality of life for everyone, all year round. And being a provider of a diverse range of place-based community services, we can offer effective solutions for those resolutions too.

New Year’s Resolution: Focus on self-care
New Year’s Solution: Our neighbourhood centres offer group activities to nurture the mind and body

From yoga and walking groups to art and music, our neighbourhood centres play host to a range of group activities that are designed to enhance your wellbeing and connect you with new friends. Here are some of the activities currently running at New Farm Neighbourhood Centre:

And much more! And at North West Brisbane Community Hub you’ll find:

And many other activities on offer.

New Year’s Resolution: Reduce my carbon footprint
New Year’s Solution: Donate empty plastic containers to your nearest Containers for Change outlet

Containers for Change is a leading green organisation that operates plastic container refund schemes across the country. If you donate eligible plastic containers to Containers for Change outlets, you will receive a 10 per cent refund for every container you recycle.

In 2021, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre launched their own Containers for Change plastic collection scheme, the refunds from which are donated every month to Communify to support our work. If you’re in the area, drop your plastic containers in the Containers for Change bins located throughout the shopping centre. Every bottle counts to make a positive impact not only to the environment, but also the members of our local community who need our help most.

New Year’s Resolution: Spend more time in nature
New Year’s Solution: Participate in one of the several community gardens supported by Communify

Communify is involved with several local community gardens throughout Brisbane, and we love creating spaces for people to experience the joy of getting back to nature and growing their own produce.

We support the following Community Gardens:

  • Green Corner – 300 Waterworks Rd, Ashgrove
  • Kelvin Grove Community Garden – Kundu Park, 48 Blamey St, Kelvin Grove
  • Chapel Hill Community Garden – Green Hill Reservoir, 278 Russell Terrace, Chapel Hill
  • The Brook Community Garden – 171 McConaghy St, Mitchelton
  • The Social Space Community Garden – 21 Clifton St, Moorooka

Click here to learn more.

New Year’s Resolution: Volunteer in my spare time
New Year’s Solution: Volunteer with Communify

Give back to get back! Whether you want to make new friends, learn new skills or simply give back to the community, the benefits of volunteering are just as impactful for volunteers themselves as the people they serve. Communify always has a variety of dynamic volunteering roles on offer – check them out and register your interest here.

New Year’s Resolution: Find meaningful employment
New Year’s Solution: Come work with us!

Looking for your next career move? If you’d love to join a dynamic and diverse organisation that supports our communities from all sides, then check out our current vacancies! Your dream job may be waiting for you there.

When you come to Communify for support, it’s not just one avenue of services you can benefit from. You’ll have access to our whole ecosystem of services, groups, events and activities that keep our community connected.

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