Let’s Get Talking Kelvin Grove is a program matches volunteers who are native English speakers with non-English speakers for English conversation, speaking practice, pronunciation correction, cultural exchange and vocabulary development.

We try to match people from similar professional backgrounds and for cultural reasons we usually match men with men and women with women. Currently we’re looking for men to match with English speaking buddies.

Currently there are four men waiting to be matched-up with a native English speaking ‘buddy’. Here is some background on them:

  1.  Phd student in mechanical engineering he will be here for 3-4 years. Arrived Feb 2017. He would like to understand Australian culture and to correct his pronunciation. He would also like assistance with writing correction.
  2. Phd student in electrical engineering has been here for 9 months. Will be here 3-4 yrs. Needs speaking practice/accent correction/culture exchange and pronunciation correction.
  3. Phd student in Urban Design and Architecture. Been here 3 years. Wants to speak with more confidence and speed and improve vocab and pronunciation. Wants to be corrected. Good grammar advanced level. Studying at Nathan Griffith.
  4. Completed masters in Iran in Structural Engineering. Here since Dec 2016 and commenced Phd in July 2017 at UQ. Has Permanent residency. Looking for work. Learned English in Iran. Wants to improve listening, speaking and to understand Australian culture, broaden vocab and understand Australian accent.

If you are a teacher, retired or employed; an Engineer or Architect retired or employed, or if you have a professional background and would like to assist these young men or know more about the program, please contact Cait Wildman 0410160299.