We’re seeking new members for our Board’s Communications Committee.


The Board established four Committees under the pillars of its Strategic Plan.

Communify’s Strategic Plan has a Vision for us to be an engaged, unified community leading change, coupled with our Mission – supporting the community on all sides by working creatively to meet needs and interests in a rapidly changing world. The Communications Committee has main responsibility for the pillar, High Profile – We are recognized as the most capable and connected community support organisation.

The Convenor of the Communications Committee is Dai Gwynne-Jones, a Board Director. The representation of at least one external member for the Committee is being sought. The external member would attend at least quarterly meetings, with more meetings in the initial stage, and other events as required.

Competencies for the member cover three areas:

  • Professional and industry knowledge – knowledge and expertise across some or all of communications, branding, public relations and marketing, particularly digital marketing.
  • Communication – ability to actively contribute ideas in implementing the Committee’s responsibilities set out in its Terms of Reference and under the Strategic Plan.
  • Judgement – the ability to demonstrate sound judgement and business acumen in the context of supporting Communify’s high profile in a vibrant community services sector.

The Committee operates under Terms of Reference and the Strategic Plan approved by the Board.

Please send a short expression of interest to the Committee Convenor a the email address below.


Dai Gwynne-Jones

Board Director and Convenor, Communications Committee


0418 877 199