Bald Hills Uniting Church

2131 Gympie Road, Bald Hills QLD 4036

The Bald Hills Uniting Church boasts a beautiful hall space with polished wooden floors, a medium-sized stage, and a piano. The hall provides a light and airy atmosphere, creating the perfect setting for a diverse range of events, classes, and functions.

For added convenience, there is a small kitchen available with a stove and oven, fridge, and kitchen utensils.

Located in close proximity to public transport, the hall is easily accessible by bus, with a bus stop right outside, and is within walking distance to the Bald Hills train station (400m).

The grounds also offer ample off-street parking accessible via Ana Street, as well as plenty of side road parking.

Venue Access

This venue requires: Key

Communify Qld manages the bookings for this space on behalf of the church.

There may be some booking procedures and hire conditions different to those for our other spaces.