Emergency Evacuation

Click here for the emergency procedures manual for all venues.

Plans with fire exits and escape routes for our venues:

Swipe Cards

  • Please note, not all venues require a swipe card.
  • Replacement or Additional Swipe Cards – $15.00.
  • If you are hiring a venue that requires a swipe card for entry, one will be created for you before your first booking. If you already have a Communify swipe card any additional bookings will be updated for free.
  • If after your booking, you will no longer be hiring a Communify venue a refund of $10.00 will be available for any swipe cards returned in working order within 7 days of the last venue hire.
  • This refund is only payable once your account has been paid in full. Please send bank account details through for reimbursement at time of returning swipe card.
  • Should you be interested in hiring a Communify venue in the future, please keep the swipe card as additional bookings will be added at no charge.
  • It is the responsibility of the venue hirer to manage use of their own swipe card. Communify will not be responsible to open a venue if a hirer forgets or loses their swipe card or if they are not available to open it themselves.