Communify works hard to provide clean, tidy spacces for our hirers.
Please read the list below and follow this guide when exiting a venue.
Remember to allow time in your booking for final clean up.

  • Tables and chairs stacked in the same position as found.
  • All tables and benches wiped clean.
  • All bins emptied into the Brisbane City Council bins provided outside the venues and reline with the bin liners at the bottom of the bin.
  • If rubbish does not fit in the Council bins provided it is the hirers responsibility to remove rubbish from the venue.
  • Dishwasher turned on (if applicable).
  • All dishes cleaned and put away.
  • Clean venue floors, including mopping if needed.
  • Check and wipe benches in toilets.
  • Check toilets are left in a tidy state.
  • All decorations removed.
  • All equipment brought in to be removed from the premises.
  • All cleaning chemicals must be taken off site, do not leave any chemicals on site.
  • All windows and doors to be shut and locked.
  • All lights, fans and air-conditioning turned off.

Bin liners, brooms, mop and bucket, dish cloths, dishwashing tablets and basic cleaning products are supplied. Please email if you notice cleaning supplies running low.

Please provide your own tea towels if you need to do any washing up. Communify DOES NOT supply tea towels.

If venues are left in an unacceptable manner a cleaning bill may be forwarded to you.

Thank you for your cooperation in looking after our venues.