The Way Back Support Service

The Way Back Support Service provides non-clinical care and practical support to individuals following a suicide attempt or suicidal crisis.

On average, 65,000 people attempt suicide in Australia each year, and eight per day will die. Those who have previously attempted are among the most at-risk of attempting again. These are the people The Way Back supports.

The Way Back focuses on reconnecting people with the community and their existing support networks. It’s specifically tailored to each individual, working one-on-one with a Support Coordinator to engage them with clinical and community-based support services, and build their capacity to self-manage.

How do I access this service?

Please note: This is a referral-based service only.

Communify accepts referrals from the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital’s Community Mental Health Services for individuals to engage with The Way Back Support Service program.

Once a person is referred by clinical staff, our team will respond within 1 working day.

What does the service involve?

Participants of The Way Back Support Service will be supported by our team for up to three months. Throughout this time, the allocated Support Coordinator will work with the participants to create a personalised plan of support around their connections, goals and safety, including:

  • Help to connect the participant with other services to support them. This may include housing support, mental health support, alcohol and other drug support, and more.
  • Support for the participant to attend appointments (for example, a GP or psychologist).
  • Encouraging connection and engagement with support networks and groups of interest.
  • Meeting participants where they are on their individual journey to recovery.

For more help

Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Mental Health services

Lifeline: 13 11 14

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