One or more days per week (10.30 – 1.30) (mon, tues, thurs or fri)

The role of the volunteer tennis program coordinator:
• Watch time: organize sets of tennis during the session, usually 3 or 4 sets  and each is around 40 minutes.
• Equipment management: sign the logbook while collecting and returning equipment at NFNC.
• Teaching beginners/ assisting them to learn.
• Matching players: match players with similar skill levels and match players with rackets.
• Communication: explaining rules of the game and the program.
• Conflict management: preventing and resolving conflicts.
• Treat everyone fair and equally in games and embrace social inclusion.
• Leadership /mentoring
• Creating a safe environment: be able to recognize players are with different personalities and it is important to keep people calm and help them to comply the rules.