Talented chef Phillipe was unemployed, homeless, and struggling with severe mental health challenges when he was referred by a social worker to Communify’s Sustaining Tenancies team. With the support of our Employment Pathways Facilitator, Phillipe worked hard to turn his life around by moving into stable accommodation and applying for jobs while managing his mental health. Today, he is back to working full-time and pursuing his dream of running his own restaurant.

After an interstate move from Sydney to Queensland and an unsuccessful end to a job at Tangalooma, Phillipe was unemployed and living in his car. The severe anxiety he was experiencing landed him in hospital care, and that’s when Phillipe was referred to Communify’s Sustaining Tenancies team.

Our Sustaining Tenancies service works to connect tenants with long-term support in their local community, and offer practical support to ensure people remain safe within their tenancy.

Working alongside Tenants of Bric Housing, Brisbane Housing Company and Fortitude Valley Department of Housing Properties, the Sustaining Tenancies team provides outreach support for various tenancy-related challenges including substance use, mental health, employment assistance and in-home support.

In their first year of operation, the team has supported 225 people at risk of losing their tenancy, achieving a 0% eviction rate among clients assisted through the service.

When Phillipe met with the Sustaining Tenancies team through referral, he was quickly supported in moving from unstable boarding house accommodation into his own unit. Our Employment Pathways Facilitator Wendy then worked with Phillipe to apply for jobs so that he could regain his confidence and reclaim the career he is so passionate about. Now with his fulfilling new role and increased financial stability, Phillipe is energised by a sense of freedom to truly move forward in his journey.

“Support provided by Communify was positive and they would always be there when they said they would. They followed through with job applications and assisted me with my resume and it gave me my confidence back.”

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