Springboard: Alcohol and other Drugs Program

Delivered from Spring Hill, Springboard is an eighteen-week day treatment program for people aged 18+ years who are experiencing difficulties with alcohol and other drugs, and co-occurring mental health problems.

The program comprises a six-week treatment group and additional individual and peer support for up to twelve weeks after completing group treatment.

What’s on offer

Springboard is a group learning program that can be divided into the following sessions:

  • ACT SKILLS teaches  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) based group, developed by Spectrum, Victoria. The program aims to build your resilience by changing how you relate to your own thoughts, feelings and experiences. With a strong focus on mindfulness skills and personal values, these sessions will support you to reduce suffering and move towards a rich full and meaningful life.
  • Relapse Prevention groups are informed by existing evidence based programs and resources. These sessions focus on specific skills that will help you identify, avoid and navigate situations that may otherwise lead to problematic alcohol and other drug use.
  • Physical health: Springboard includes twice weekly gym sessions with a personal trainer at Lang Park PCYC. Research indicates regular physical activity supports both physical and mental health. The program also contains three group sessions working with a dietitian and three introductory sessions with a qualified facilitator.
  • Psycho-Social Development: These stand-alone sessions can help you improve other areas of your life such as getting a good night’s sleep, or building and maintaining healthier relationships with others as well as yourself.
  • Recovery Planning sessions will help you to form a healthy routine and take action on the things that matter.


Springboard is available to people who:

  • are aged 18+ years
  • reside in the Metro North or Metro South Hospital and Health Service catchments
  • have completed detox or does not require detox, including stabilisation on a replacement program
  • are able to engage safely in group and 1:1 sessions
  • are committed to attend the program for the full 18 weeks.

We understand each person’s situation is unique and welcome enquiries about eligibility and entry to the program.

For more information

Please contact: 3308 4513 | springboard@communify.org.au