Explore Your Relationship With Alcohol

Alcohol-related problems or problem behaviours are relative: what one person experiences as an issue may not be a concern for someone else. For some of us, our communities may not recognise that we’re worried about our drinking. And for some of us, our loved ones might be all too aware that we are struggling. Most importantly though, we know WITHIN OURSELF if alcohol-related behaviours are an issue for us, or if drinking is getting in the way of living the life we want.

This series of eight workshops guides you to explore your relationship with alcohol in a safe, supportive, small group format. Through a series of purposeful conversations & narrative therapy practices & activities, the workshops will guide you to:

  • understand your current relationship with alcohol
  • identify your preferred relationship with alcohol
  • explore the possibilities for moving towards that place, and
  • feel empowered to take whatever next steps are right for you.