Join us for a week of fun from 15-23 August 2020 as we come together – virtually – to celebrate our Queensland Seniors! Read more about what we have planned here.

For many of our wonderful aged care clients, Communify has become a second family. Read some of our client stories below and find out why creating inclusive social groups are so important to support older Australians.

Annette’s story

Annette was first connected to Communify in 2010 when she was facing a challenging time at home. Her husband was ill and she needed some extra support. Annette started receiving help around the house, but after some time started taking part in activities at The Paddington Centre as well. She was welcomed with open arms, and before long the other clients turned from strangers to friends, and now they’re like a second family.

“I felt at home, they really helped to change my life,” she said. “I’ve made lasting friendships, the professional staff are so lovely and generous. I always arrive feeling very blessed – they’re like another family,” she said.

And it’s not just Annette who has noticed changes in herself, with family commenting on how positive she has become in this past decade.

“My lifestyle has changed since I’ve been to Communify,” she said. “I’ve noticed, my family have noticed. I’m more positive and interested in things. I talk to some people and they go on about things from the past, things they can’t control now. I only think about the positive things now – Communify has got me into that mindset. It’s very comforting having Communify in my life.”


Valerie’s story

Valerie has been involved in many of The Paddington Centre’s groups and activities. She said it’s helped to combat loneliness and isolation, especially during the pandemic. Valerie has been self-isolating for months to protect herself from Covid-19, but each week she has been looking forward to our video conferencing groups to take part in online chats with fellow over-65s.

“When you’re older and alone, you get very lonely at home. Some people even get depression,” Valerie said. “In this Covid-19 outbreak when we’ve been at home, I’ve read a lot and listened to the radio, but you do start to think more about sad things, such as my mother and husband who have both passed away.”

“But, Communify helps a tremendous amount. It’s wonderful. It’s a really good friendship place, there’s never any cattiness. The girls are wonderful; they look after us all the time. I always talk about Communify – it’s a real blessing.”


Carolin’s story

We helped Carolin meet like-minded seniors, who she now calls close friends, and supported her when finances have been tough through The Pantry at Bardon which provides fresh produce and other food supplies to clients. Over the past year she’s been on more outings than she can count, from cooking classes, to Tai Chi and music performances. She said it’s been an incredible experience all round.

“My GP has really noticed a big difference in me since I have joined Communify’s over-65s group activities. It’s been really beneficial for my health and wellbeing. I’m eternally grateful for all that is available,” Carolin said.


As we continue our Seniors Week celebrations, we reflect on all of these positive changes and remember why we work so hard to support our wonderful over-65 community.