Brisbane North Safe Space Network

Communify’s Safe Space Hub is an innovative new program that provides a holistic, supportive alternative to emergency departments for people experiencing some level of psychological distress.

Opening hours: weeknights 5pm-9pm, and weekends 9am-1pm
Phone: (07) 3004 0101 during opening hours

Here’s how to find us.

Our Safe Space operates on an after-hours basis to facilitate friendly and welcoming support in a safe environment for guests who are feeling distressed.

Support is provided by a team of peer workers, who ensure that guests leave with reduced levels of distress and a sense of hope and positivity. Peer workers will greet guests and any carer or support persons, inquire about what their needs are, offer refreshments, a place to sit, and a range of supports and spaces available.

What to expect at the Safe Space:

  • A friendly welcome and sympathetic ear from our peer workers
  • Support to de-escalate your level of distress
  • Assistance with safety planning
  • Getting connected with other services and supports that are tailored to your needs
  • Follow-up contact to ensure your safety

Everyone is welcome to the Safe Space. Guests can present to the service when they are feeling distressed during opening hours, or by referral from a hospital, their GP, ambulance services or the police. It’s best for guests to call prior to arrival, as there is a limit on the number of guests who can be in the space at one time.

The Brisbane North Safe Space Network is a community-based movement established by Brisbane North PHN to facilitate more options to enhance safety and wellbeing across the Brisbane North region. The network will connect community spaces and places to provide support away from hospital emergency departments to people who are experiencing significant levels of distress.

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We are open to all ages. If you are 15 or over you can access the space and sign your consent form on your own. If you are under 15, we ask that you bring an adult along with you so that they can provide their name and contact details and provide consent on the paperwork. We see people from a range of ages from young people to older adults. We are also happy for families to attend together.

No! We are a walk in service. If possible, we ask you to give us a call before you come in on (07) 3004 0101, so that we can make sure we have capacity.

We are located close to public transport and have ample street parking. If getting to Safe Space is a barrier, give us a call and we can assist you with transport options.

Find out how to get to us

If you have been working with our staff to manage your distress but are still feeling like you are unsafe, we can have a discussion about supporting you to go to hospital. We will not call an ambulance without talking with you first, and we will explore all your options for safety before we consider hospital. If you have harmed yourself or are unwell, we may ask an ambulance to attend to make sure you receive appropriate medical attention.

All the information you provide to Safe Space is confidential. We will not share your information with anyone else without your consent. We use some of your non-identifying details to report to our funding body. If you have any concerns about how your information will be used, a staff member can talk you through our consent form during your first visit. You may also choose to remain anonymous.

Our staff have a wide range of lived experience, some of which may match closely with your story and some which may be very different. However, we can all connect on a shared understanding of what it’s like to feel distressed and a shared hope and desire for moving toward wellness.

We can’t – but we can provide information about services that can and help you find some accessible options. We can offer drinks and snacks for you while you are in the space.

Find food or emergency relief 

While our staff are trained to support you in a range of ways, we are not an ongoing counselling service. If you feel like you may need additional, ongoing support from a counsellor or psychologist, our staff can support you to find appropriate services.

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