You must provide your own PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE to book a venue.

Public Liability Insurance protects the hirer against claims of personal injury or property damage that a third party suffers (or claims to have suffered) as a result of any  business or personal  activities at our community spaces.

As a hirer you must have public liability insurance for at least $10,000,000 whilst hiring a Communify Space. You must produce evidence of the insurance to Communify prior to the time of booking.  If you fail or refuse to arrange Public Liability Insurance then Communify may immediately terminate your booking. You must ensure that your Public Liability Insurance is kept up to date and continue to send Communify updated renewals if you are a regular hirer.

The insurance must be under the name of the person or company booking the venue. If you are  booking as part of an organisation , the insurance must be in the name of that organisation. If you are booking as an individual, the insurance must be in your name.

Please contact an insurance provider or broker to arrange your Public Liability Insurance &/ or any questions you have around public liability insurance.

Communify CANNOT arrange this for you.

The following list provides web links for various specialist Community & Not for Profit Group Insurance providers.

No recommendation is made regarding any of these firms or their products.

A web search will provide further contacts if required.

Note – all of these web links are current as at the date of review. However, some of the links contained within the various webpages may no longer be current. Useful search terms include: “Community Insurance” “Not for Profit Insurance”