13 February 2018 – Brisbane Powerhouse

Over 100,000 Australians are experiencing homelessness. This issue of Politics in the Pub tackled this issue head on by challenging the very idea of overcoming homelessness. Can we truly end homelessness or do we need to accept it as an inevitable part of Australian life?

There are limited resources to address homelessness and our panelists have strong views on where these resources should be allocated. Are mobile support services necessary? Should we throw everything we’ve got into building thousands of new homes for those experiencing homelessness?

Panelists include MC Mark Doonar Samantha Bond, Murri Watch Karyn Walsh, Micah Projects Bernard Wilson, bric housing Leane Simon, Phd candidate Jonathon Sri, Councillor for Gabba Ward Adrian Pisarski, National Shelter Ian Ugarte, Small is the New Big