Politics in the Pub: The Cost Of Free Speech. Tuesday 5th November 2019

Presented by Brisbane Powerhouse and New Farm Neighbourhood Centre
MC: Rebecca Levingston (ABC). Speakers: Karen Coghill, Peter Greste, Graeme Orr, Jonathan Sri.

Where’s the line?

Freedom of opinion and expression is held dear to most of us, however Australia has less legislated protection of free speech than most other Western countries.

Calls for change are coming from many directions. It’s time we talked about religious protection, protest and activism, public nuisance, acts of terrorism, journalistic freedom, online discourse, and the role of censorship.

Are our current rules for individual behaviour enough? Should the rules should be different for public figures? How do we maintain a healthy, active democracy at the same time as protecting public safety?

Our final Politics in the Pub for 2019 took place on November 5th at the Brisbane Powerhouse with a conversation about the limits and the cost of free speech. We looked at the current landscape and legislation, calls for reform, and talked to people on the frontline of the free speech battles.

The New Farm Neighbourhood Centre, a program of Communify Queensland, has been hosting Politics in the Pub events for 16 years. Each event offers a different issue for the community to engage in, debate and discuss. Politics in the Pub is made possible through the generous support of the Patrons of New Farm, My Village News, and the Brisbane Powerhouse.

Listen to our final Politics In The Pub for 2019 here.