About Communify QLD

The food was amazing for me and my two girls. It was so good not to be alone on Christmas day.

I just wanted to share some great feedback about Communify: Firstly, I have been supporting a cultural exchange project. I just want to say thank you to Communify for providing your minibus “in-kind” toward the overall project. This is a HUGE support as transport as we know can be a huge barrier, particularly for people from asylum seeker backgrounds to participate in many activities. The project could not happen without being able to transport people.

Secondly, I often hear Communify mentioned in my work activities, assisting other community partners in many ways, big or small.

I just wanted to let you know of this wonderful display of collaboration (it doesn’t go unnoticed!) and how important it is to smaller community groups, volunteers and local people working hard in community. Well done. Looking forward to our ongoing friendship and working partnership.

Communify really understands the art and science of community development and is passionate about building social capital in the Brisbane area. – Annette

What a fabulous place with fabulous, kind people. Generous and giving to all. Thank you. – Rochelle

Very helpful and friendly place. – Belinda

About our Aged Care Services and The Paddington Centre

On behalf of my family, thank-you for all the coordination around services which allowed dad to stay at home as long as possible. A special thank you to the In Home Support Worker who was so gentle and sweet with dad and formed a partnership with our family to help my father stay home.

… said her in-home support worker did a fantastic job on her floor and he was brilliant. He had 7 minutes left and asked if anything else had to be done. Client said no but he grabbed the vacuum out and vacuumed the lounge room in case she had visitors

…thank you to everyone who is helping me through my ‘painful’ journey. Everyone is so friendly and kind. The bathroom rail, the ongoing lifts, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy. I am more than grateful for all you are doing for me and one day I might be able to assist with volunteering in return. Rich blessings to each and every one of you

I wish to record my respect and admiration for Sylvie and Steve who organise the outings each week.  I cannot commend them highly enough. Their patience and kindness is never ending and nothing fazes them or disrupts their calm.  Today they organised a surprise party for a 90 year old birthday girl, which was great fun (with tasty refreshments) for us all, and the birthday girl was thrilled. You may say these two people are just doing their job, but they do far more. Their friendliness and warmth create a special closeness and trust and the time and thought they put into keeping us all happy is evident in the great times we have with them. I really do want you to know in what high regard we hold them – I know I speak for us all. Best wishes to all at Communify – you do a great service to the community. – Anon.

About our Pantry

Communify is a place that builds community for those that don’t have one. It has such positive social engineering. It’s become part of my week to attend pantry, go to Tai Chi, and enjoy the outings. It has made me feel connected again.  – G

I use the pantry weekly and it helps with my budget and I am very appreciative of the food I am given and the staff are very helpful. – Anon.

The smiles, the friendliness, the family environment: thank-you to all the staff and volunteers, you are all so lovely – Anon.

Great, friendly staff, very helpful to get fruit and veg. Excellent service. – Anon.

No negatives, all positives – best drop-in centre I’ve been to! Thanks heaps guys. – J.

Wow, the Xmas markets were wonderful, it was lovely to hear so many people saying “now it really feels like Xmas.” – Anon.

I just wanted to say a huge thank-you to yourself, all the great staff and volunteers of The Pantry for doing such a fantastic job all year!  It is a wonderful service which makes such a difference to so many people in so many ways. – D.

About our Transport Service

This service is an absolute godsend, I’d be lost without it. – Kerry

Thank you all so much for your friendly and much appreciated support each week taking me to and from physio. Your service is invaluable.- Anon.

Thank you so much for sending me the photos of dad and a couple of the wonderful volunteers who have transported him over the past few years. He, mum, and we as a family, appreciate the service that Communify has provided to enable him to attend choir every week. Can you please pass on our sincere thanks to all those who have kindly driven and helped my dad. Thank you. – Vivien

My recent laser cataract eye treatment has meant I was unable to drive my vehicle for a period of time. My partner is a non driver. I take the opportunity on behalf of the both of us to thank the ladies associated with the organisation for the most pleasant, courteous and efficient arrangement in transport assistance to and from my surgeon. – Val

About HART4000

Just wanted to say I am so amazed about how well your team is working with such limited resources. The quality and outputs of your work are really outstanding. Don’t know how you do it but the dedication and skills of the team obviously have something to do with it. Seriously- bravo!

A client was offered a drink while she was waiting to be seen this afternoon and said,
“That is so lovely. Thank you. You have made me feel human. Sometimes you don’t feel human when you go to services. This is lovely.”

About the New Farm Neighbourhood Centre

Great place, friendly people. I play tennis at the courts at New Farm whenever I can get there. – Phillip

Good place to see and coffee is cheap and good groups like yoga and woman’s craft group and other groups. – Anita

About our Home Assist Secure Service

It was so nice of you to send a birthday card to mum. I’ve been meaning to call to make a donation and to let you know that she has just moved into residential care. You know, she always appreciated the help of the Home Assist service while she was at home. This service really made a difference. – Anon.

Thanks for the card for my birthday. Thanks also for all the things I have achieved with your help this year in order that I might keep my beloved home in good condition. – Bernadette

What an absolute pleasure it is to work with your teams throughout the year supporting our local community. Thinking back it seems we have been working with Home Assist for 20 years now!! Which I know from my time on the road equates to a lot of cake, cookies and cups of tea with many of the beautiful clients in the Inner West of Brisbane. – Bobby Pearson, Pearson Sellwood Electrical

About our Multicultural and Asylum Seeker Programs

Thank-you for supporting Romero Centre’s asylum seeker clients in their effort to gain employment by funding our clients to obtain car licences. No other service in Brisbane is currently providing funding for these licences and it has been an amazing opportunity for out clients to be able to be supported in this way. – Mercy Community Services

I would love to express my appreciation to you for introducing me to the (DGSB) Developing and Growing small Businesses Program. We all graduated and got plenty of ideas to develop.- Parisa

Thank you so much… You have been a very long term “anchor” for the Brisbane refugee community and those of us on the fringes advocating for a more compassionate and humanitarian response to those fleeing persecution, we admire and appreciate your dedication. – Maree

Thank you very much for the support. God bless you dear for the hard work you do. – Edith

My wife and I are thrilled to hear that Communify Gift fund is able to directly contribute for our security deposit. Supporters who fundraised this money are great and amazing people with the biggest heart. Please accept our heartfelt thanks and appreciation. – J & Z

Thank you for creating awareness and public attention to the issue of domestic and family violence and providing community members with vital information to connect people to services and support.  Thank you and well done on all your hard work –we wish you every success in your future endeavors in working towards the prevention of domestic and family violence. – Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services

About Our Younger Onset Dementia Group

Mark and I are most grateful for each effort that Communify has initiated in providing us with services.

Communify’s regular outings have made a ginormous improvement to Mark’s social life. Through these outings with Communify he has gained confidence socialising in a group.

I personally believe that his regular ongoing outings with Communify have helped him to accept his disability and not to feel embarrassed in public. Socialising regularly in the YOD BODS group has given Mark the “hands on” experiences of socially interacting with a group of “like brain disabilities”. He has come to acceptance.

He looks forward to the Community outings each Wednesday. He speaks highly of you, Peter and Barbara. He respects the three of you and shares a fondness for the three of you. The three of you are key players in his life. The memories that he holds of the Communify outings are deeply planted in his brain.

About our What’s On Programs

Today the Terrific Tuesday group enjoyed a visit to GOMA and a had a picnic overlooking the river. We talked about how the  group outings has given some people the confidence to leave the house and to meet new people.

Thank-you for the friendship and lunch on Fridays… also thanks to the powers that be at Communify, I surprisingly got a birthday wish card in the mail the other day. – Forrestor 

My daughter and I have come back to China. It’s a pity that my daughter couldn’t go to the homework club anymore. Thank you Cait for your help and introduction of the learning resources. We two will miss you. Welcome to China and we’ll wait for you at Guangzhou, the biggest city in south China – Shujan

About our Childcare Centre

Best child care centre in Brisbane. – Nicole 

We are so happy with Communify Childcare and wish there were more small centres like it so more children could experience this type of small-scale, quality, stimulating care. Our child has been so well settled in, feels comfortable and is so animated about his days there, so we can tell he enjoys it and feels secure. – Anon.

About our Venues for Hire

Your booking system was one of the best I could find when I did an online search, so I can see that having someone custom design one is well worthwhile.

Thank you so much. You’re efficiency and help is commendable. Very much appreciated

We held our meeting  at Ithaca Hall and everyone commented on the wonderful shiny floors. Many thanks for organising their refurbishment.

When looking for a space to hold our wedding ceremony we couldn’t go past the Woolloongabba Substation. We fell in love with the exposed beams and whitewash brick walls which fit our theme of rustic/vintage beautifully..

..The space allowed us to create the perfect feel for our ceremony simply by adding an arbor with some floral arrangements. The venue already contained chairs and tables which was another great feature.  We also loved that we could capture so many photos with our guests on the concrete/grassed area just outside the venue. It was the perfect venue for our wedding day! – Natalie