Graphic designer and photographer Serena is used to being behind the camera rather than in front of it, but recently we pulled her aside to get her insights about her experience as a Communify volunteer. Serena is one of the friendly faces you’ll see during Open House at New Farm Neighbourhood Centre, where she helps out in the kitchen, makes guests feel comfortable and ensures that everything runs smoothly. Serena loves to chat with our guests, and her sunny smile always makes someone’s day.

How did you come to be volunteering at NFNC?

Being a local, I’d walked past New Farm Neighbourhood Centre many times, and I saw it being renovated and I was always very intrigued about what it was and what went on there. So I got on the website and had a good read about the place. I had just finished up with my career and I’d renovated my house, and I just had a thought that I really wanted to do something with my life and get into volunteering. I researched Communify and loved what they were about and what they were doing, so I contacted Miranda, the New Farm Neighbourhood Centre Coordinator, and now here I am.

What have been the benefits of volunteering with Communify?

It’s been a real eye-opener. It’s just such a beautiful place, and it’s just amazing helping these people, they’re just such beautiful people. I love seeing them smile, I just love seeing them happy and being able to give back to them. It’s really enlightened my life. And the other volunteers I’ve met through this are amazing, it’s just been such an incredible journey since I’ve started.

Has your experience with volunteering helped you feel more connected to your community?

Yes, there have definitely been a lot of eye-opening moments and widening my understanding of the area and what’s going in the area. It’s good to know that we have this place to provide the help that’s needed, but what I didn’t expect was how much was happening in this area that needed the help that the space is offering.

I’m definitely planning on volunteering long-term, because I love it and it’s so much fun, and it’s really meaningful. It makes you feel good after you leave after your shift – you just feel like you’ve really helped out and done something good.

Any advice for people thinking about volunteering with Communify?

Go for it, do it! It’s so rewarding and I would recommend it for everyone to just get out and experience it. I guarantee it will make you feel really good.

Interested in volunteering? Here at Communify, we always have a wide range of volunteer opportunities to suit everyone, and it’s an easy yet effective way to give back to your community.

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