Neighbourhood centres work locally to respond to a range of place-based issues and opportunities.

They have capacity for flexibility and responsiveness and to shift priorities and resources as new needs emerge. 

They work in ways that engage local people in local solutions and as such play a critical role in community capacity building.

Neighbourhood Centres provide:

  • Learning Opportunities: are both formal and informal with a focus on  well-being and resilience: building self-worth, well-being and resilience
  • Social support and networking including the opportunity to link and form relationships, to volunteer and to be involved.
  • Prevention: by relieving isolation, loneliness and boredom, and building the sense of trust, safety and belonging, the Neighbourhood Centre activities can reduce the need for expensive and intensive services.
  • Sustainability: to enable sustainability of the local community‚Äôs wellbeing through addressing a range of needs
  • Social Justice: to address social justice issues through awareness raising, community education and social action
  • Infrastructure: Neighbourhood Centres are a local facility that is accessible, safe and welcoming for all community members.

Communify Qld operates three Neighbourhood Centres located in the inner North of Brisbane each offering a place-based response to community needs and interests.

Communify – 180 Jubilee Tce Bardon

The Exchange – 81 Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove

New Farm Neighbourhood Centre – 967 Brunswick St New Farm

Read more about Neighbourhood Centres in our report here.

Jubilee Tce, Bardon

The Exchange, Kelvin Grove

New Farm Neighbourhood Centre