The ASRA Program provides assistance for people in Queensland who are seeking asylum. We provide emergency relief, individual and family support, health, legal, employment, mental health and housing supports. ASRA is a collaboration of seven partners, who work together to support well-being, provide basic financial assistance and develop collaborative efforts to sustain asylum seeker support. Core funding is generously provided by Multicultural Affairs Queensland in the Department of Environment and Science.

The ASRA Program seeks to:

  • Alleviate financial hardship and mental distress
  • Provide case management to assist participants to access relevant assistance and achieve greater independence
  • Increase capacity and wellbeing of vulnerable SHEV and TPV holders and their families.
  • Consolidate partnerships and coordinate delivery of integrated support such as: vocational training, employment assistance, family and social support, legal support and physical and mental health support

Who is eligible for support from ASRA?

Incidental support: Anyone residing in Queensland who is seeking asylum can come to an outreach hub for incidental support such as form filling, advice and other general support.

Specialist support: The following people can apply for specialist support through ASRA for housing, health, emergency relief, employment and legal support

  • medical transferees and people from the legacy caseload who are seeking asylum, including people who are deemed to be ‘finally determined’
  • people from the legacy caseload granted a Temporary Protection Visa (TPV)
  • people from the legacy caseload granted a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV).

(The term legacy caseload refers to people who arrived in Australia by boat, on or after 13 August 2012 and before 1 January 2014.)

Support is delivered at outreach hubs and key locations

  • Logan Hub: St Paul’s Community Centre, Woodridge
  • Indooroopilly Uniting Church Refugee and Asylum Seeker Hub
  • Gatton Hub: Seventh Day Adventist Church, Gatton
  • Communify Safe Space Hub, Bardon
  • Australian Red Cross, Milton

For those who cannot attend an outreach hub, phone or online appointments are also available. Telehealth appointments may be available for health issues.

The ASRA Program Partners

Referrals and enquiries

For emergency relief and general ASRA referrals please contact Red Cross:
Phone: 07 3367 5665 or 0433 940 653
Address: 49 Park Road, Milton Qld 4064

For health referrals, please contact WWG:

For mental health referrals, please contact WWG:

For legal referrals please contact RAILS:
Phone: 07 3846 9300
Address: 1/170 Boundary Street, West End QLD 4101

For program related enquiries, please contact Communify:
Christine Grose, ASRA Project Manager,

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