Finance Audit and Risk Board Committee: External Member

Communify Queensland Ltd is seeking expressions of interest for an external member for the Board Finance Audit and Risk (FAR) Committee.

The Board established four Committees under the pillars of our Strategic Plan and this Committee has main responsibility for the pillar –Sustainable: We will remain sustainable in changing times through strong governance and growing and diversifying our financial resources, assets and investment portfolio.

The Convenor of the FAR Committee is a Director. The current members are other Directors. The representation of at least one external member for the Committees is being sought. The external member would attend at minimum of quarterly meetings and other meetings as required.

Competencies for the member would cover three areas:

  • Professional and industry knowledge – knowledge and expertise of some or all of finance, audit and risk functions, including relevant professional qualifications.
  • Communication – ability to actively contribute to discussions on carrying out the Committee’s responsibilities set out in its Terms of Reference.
  • Judgement – the ability to demonstrate sound judgement and business acumen in the context of Communify’s influence in a vibrant community services sector.

The Committee operates under Terms of Reference approved by the Board.

Please send a short expression of interest to the Chairperson at the email below.

Carolyn Mason, Chairperson, Communify Board