Security, safety at home and home maintenance

We offer practical help, information and referral services for home maintenance, falls prevention, minor modifications and home security.

We can link you to skilled and screened tradespeople who will provide you with quotes for any work you may require. The information we offer can give you the confidence to arrange essential work around the home.

Home Assist can also offer subsidised installation of specialist adaptive technology, ramps, handrails, kitchen and bathroom alterations, basic home maintenance as well as home safety and security work.

Our service can also arrange an occupational therapist to visit you at home for an assessment of your needs and to make recommendations about any changes to improve the safety and comfort of your home.

  • Home Security – Staff trained by the Queensland Police Service can inspect your home to help you decide on security – related repairs and installations. They can also help you with personal security. This is an independent and unbiased service.
  • Subsidised Assistance – Assists people who are unable to obtain alternative assistance with minor home maintenance, repairs, and minor modifications and security, which relate to their personal health, safety and personal security.

Are you eligible for Home Assist Secure?

To be eligible for free information you must be a home owner or live in rented housing and be:

  • 60 years of age, or over; or
  • of any age with a disability

In addition to the above, to receive subsidised assistance for work in your home, you need to be:

  • Receiving Commonwealth Government pension or benefit; or
  • if you are experiencing any challenges with your health or mobility

The benefits of Home Assist Secure

Home Assist Secure will help you to:

  • make more informed decisions about home maintenance, repairs, modifications and security
  • feel safer living at home
  • have easier access to, and within your home
  • increase your confidence about employing tradespeople; and
  • incorporate home security routines into your daily activities

Get in touch

To find out if you are eligible for this program or for information about any costs that may be involved call Communify Home Assist Secure: (07) 3366 3066 or email or visit

This program is funded by the State Government’s Department of Housing and Private Works and the Federal Department of Community Services.