Every day here at Communify, we are inspired by the courage and resilience of the people we support. We first met our Home Care Packages client Judy Boorman three years ago when our team was scheduled to assist her late husband Jim, whose health was rapidly declining. Sadly, after the Home Care Packages team supported Judy to care for Jim for a time, he passed away. Judy is now receiving ongoing support from the Home Assist Secure Team, with a view to secure a Level 2 Home Care Package, to help her maintain her independence, remain in her own home, and live life on her own terms.

Communify recognises that when people grow older, they wish to live as independently in their own homes as possible. That’s why we deliver our suite of Aged Care services with the aim of supporting elderly people to continue living enriched lives. Communify is a provider of Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 Home Care Packages, offering a bespoke set of supports to elderly clients that are tailored to their individual needs with the aim of strengthening their independence at home.

Judy’s husband Jim was receiving Home Assist support until it became clear in September 2021 that his health was quickly deteriorating. He was then approved for a Level 4 Home Care Package and assigned a Home Care Packages Coordinator to deliver various supports. These included the installation of railings for Jim’s chair lift and supplying equipment such as a wheelchair, reclining chair and more to help Jim stay in his home as long as possible. With no other family to support him, Judy was a full-time carer and constant, reassuring presence for her husband during his prolonged illness. The aides provided by Communify also helped Judy to maintain balance in her daily life until Jim had to be transferred into permanent care.

“To Jim and I, Communify was like a very good friend. There was never a time during our long association with Communify that we ever had any cause to complain. All requests for maintenance, as was our general need in earlier years, was always handled cheerfully, promptly and efficiently. In more recent years when Jim’s health began to fail and the need for more services became necessary, that’s when Communify really became a friend we could not do without.” – Judy, Home Assist Secure client

When Jim passed away recently, Communify stood by Judy’s side and supported her in her grief. The team helped her to secure ongoing Home Assist to provide home maintenance and modifications so that Judy is empowered to continue living in her home. Judy is currently awaiting approval for a Level 2 Home Care Package of her own, and thanks to the particularly attentive support shown by her Home Care Package Coordinator Chris, she is feeling cared for and able to take back some control in her life, and cracking plenty of jokes while she’s at it!

“Since Jim’s passing, Communify and Chris have continued to take care of me. Chris came to our home and supported me during interviews with My Aged Care, and she has taken a particular interest in my health, and in general she’s my mate! To me, having the care of a ‘boutique’ provider like Communify is the only way to go. I encourage my friends to choose Communify as their provider.”

Through the Home Assist Secure scheme, Communify offers practical help, information and referral services to improve the safety and security of your home. If you are receiving an aged care pension or a disability support payment, you may be eligible for up to $500 to assist with a spring clean, home maintenance, minor home modifications, security, or a yard clean up. Call (07) 3366 3066 for more information or to enquire if you are eligible.

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