Our Support Services: An Overview

We provide services that are affordable, flexible and represent genuine support for the challenges that life can present.

We believe that every community member should feel valued, respected, connected and supported in a way they choose in order to live their very best life.  We provide the help people need to live independently, to achieve personal goals  and  to contribute to family, community and society.

Aged People & Their Carers

A page outlining the huge selection of resources, support and services that are available for over 65s.

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Time to stop and reflect on the fundamental belief that childhood is a time for wonder, discovery and pleasure.

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Multicultural Programs

A selection of resources and articles to help and support Brisbane’s culturally diverse population.

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Asylum Seeker Services

We enable legal teams to provide free legal services and information sessions to people seeking asylum.

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Financial, Housing, Family and Personal Support

Hart 4000

An assessment team working with anyone who may be homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in Brisbane.

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The Pantry

The Pantry provides practical assistance access to food for people who are struggling financially.

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No Interest Loans Scheme

Providing emergency financial assistance to low income individuals and families.

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Intensive Family Support

A free and voluntary service that can support families under pressure with the aim to keep kids safe.

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You have been a long term “anchor” for the Brisbane refugee community – those of us advocating for a more compassionate and humanitarian response admire and appreciate your dedication.

Maree K

Health and Mental Health Support

Personal Helpers and Mentors

Assisting people experiencing emotional distress in achieving their personal recovery goals.

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Partners in Recovery

For people who have severe problems with their mental health and want to work with someone to make things better.

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Social Support and Help at Home

Social groups, activities, domestic assistance, and help with shopping for under 65s living with a mental health issue or other functional disability.

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The Neighbourhood Health Clinic

A dietitian, counsellors and visiting practitioners are committed to meeting community health needs.

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Community Support

Home Assist-Secure

Practical help and information for home maintenance, falls prevention, minor modifications and home security.

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Door-to-door Transport

Providing safe, comfortable transport for shopping, medical appointments, recreational and social activities.

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Our Neighbourhood Centres

Working locally to respond to a range of issues and opportunities in ways, engaging local people in local solutions.

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Community Development

Empowering individuals and groups by enhancing their skills and helping them access appropriate supports.

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Thank you all so much for your friendly and much appreciated support each week taking me to and from physio. Your service is invaluable.


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For enquiries, help or more information about any of our services phone our office on 3510 2700, email or use our contact form here