The Communify housing team offers multiple services to assist people with the variety of needs they have in challenging times. Wendy, our Employment Pathways Facilitator met Steven last year as he was supported from rough sleeping into accommodation with Bric Housing.

Having Dyslexia, and being unable to read or write poses real challenges in gaining employment. He has been on Disability Support for many years, but Steven told Wendy “I just want to be busy.”

Steven started volunteering at our  New Farm Neighbourhood Centre. He has made connections with the regulars and staff and the place is sparkling, thanks to his help.

It was clear that Steven, can, and wanted to work. Wendy helped him not just with resume writing and applying for jobs, but other ‘life admin’ that is a struggle when everything is geared for literate people.

Wendy drove Steven around to different companies and he would take his resume in and introduce himself, his confidence and self-esteem grew with this.

Relentless in her efforts to help Steven, she even called around restaurants until someone said YES.

Arrivederci Pizza restaurant at Milton were looking for a kitchen hand, but there was a minor setback when the Chef was adamant he needed someone to be able to read the dockets. However, they got a call after the interview, and Steven has been working there for 2 weeks, finding alternative solutions, he just puts the dockets in front of the chef.

He has now moved out of the boarding house into his own unit New Farm, and he still comes to the New Farm Neighbourhood Center to volunteer.

Steven just needed support, and through Sustaining Tenancies, his own tenacity and persistence of Wendy, he now has the busy, connected life he was looking for.

This is how Communify really helps people get back on their feet. People in these situations usually have multiple challenges, not just financial. There are often health, relational or other circumstances that limit someone’s ability to ‘just get a job’. By taking the time to get to know people and what challenges they’re facing, our supportive staff and volunteers really make a difference in people’s lives.