Domestic Assistance

A little assistance around the home can make a big difference to your independence. We recognise that everyone is different so Communify’s team will work with you to decide what your priorities are and which areas you need help with. We will arrange to come to your home for regular, subsidised assistance with your housework

What is Support Like?

Our worker will focus on vacuuming, mopping, hanging out washing, cleaning surfaces and bathrooms. If you are able, we will work alongside you to help you to manage some tasks yourself.  For your safety and wellbeing our domestic staff will use your cleaning equipment to clean your home.

Our support is underpinned by a focus on wellness, reablement and restorative care.


The cost of your domestic assistance is subsidised by government funding. You will be expected to pay a portion of the cost which will depend on how much time our staff will spend at your home.

You can use Centrepay to pay bills and ongoing expenses like rent, gas, electricity, water and phone, as well as other household costs.


Domestic Assistance Facilitator (for clients aged under 65) ph: (07)3510 2714

Domestic Assistance Facilitator (for clients aged over 65)ph: (07) 3366 7476