Early Childhood is all about Play

Our Childcare Facility is also a Long Day Care  which operates 48 weeks of the year from 7.30am- 5.30pm Monday – Friday. 

We specialise in multi age education and the care of children aged from 15 months to 5 years of age.  Our centre is designed to be a small boutique-style service where children and families can spend several years.

Amelia Kemble is our Early Childhood teacher (BA Arts, Grad Dip in Education Teaching for the Early Years)
Our centre aims to create a nurturing, caring environment for all children and their families. We aim to provide an environment conducive to play. Play is the way children make sense of their world, and is the natural way they learn. We follow the Early Years Learning framework with 5 major learning outcomes for all of the children at our centre.

The program and the environment are carefully arranged so that children have access to a range of resources that challenge to develop new skills or practise recently acquired ones. We believe that children are capable and competent learners and our program focuses on their strengths and interests. Our program is developed and negotiated by both the children, families and teachers, allowing the children to feel empowered in their own choices. While our routine is structured it is highly adaptable and flexible.

There is a large amount of research that shows the best learning occurs when a child is in an environment where they feel safe and connected.  The benefits of multi-age care are endless so here are just a few:

  • Siblings can be together in the same group regardless of age
  • Our children ‘grow up’ with the same group of educators
  • Families and educators build long term collaborations and professional relationships
  • Our children develop empathy and respect for other’s abilities and learn to work and play with people of varying competencies

For more information, please have a look at our Parent Guardian Practical Guidelines. 

 and our Childcare Services Information Handbook.

For additional helpful links regarding rebates, early education and child care standards see our page of Resources and Links.

Early Childhood