Empowering individuals and groups in the community

Our aim is to resolve their issues through enhancing their skills and assisting them to access appropriate supports.  There are usually many avenues of support available, but it’s often incredibly hard finding them.

Sometimes it might take a little ingenuity to formulate the best plan of accessing support to a particular individual or group. Our goal is to work with people in need, to find this plan and put it into place.

We also look at linking people with others in the community who share concerns and issues. Our work is based on a recognition of the needs and rights of the individual, the family, and the community in general. We work with our local community garden groups, arts organisations and small community groups.

What do we offer?

Our Community Development service supports the facilitation of locally based actions. These are initiated by: collecting, coordinating and disseminating information, and acting as a catalyst for community action. Also coordinating and overviewing local community development initiatives and responding to local initiatives.

Where appropriate we provide ancillary resources and facilities to community groups. People who may be advocating for resources from other spheres of government on behalf of the community. We also aim at establishing and supporting mechanisms, structures and processes for community involvement in community decisions.

We work with

Any community group or individual with values and principles that are aligned with those of Communify. These include:

  • social justice
  • inclusiveness
  • access and equity
  • honesty
  • ethical practices
  • professionalism
  • innovativeness
  • responsiveness

For more information about our support please contact us on 3510 2700 or email