Communify is pleased to announce that as of 1 July 2022, we have merged with belong, an established not-for-profit community group providing services and support to the communities of Brisbane’s south.

Communify stood out to belong as an organisation that values place-based responses, community development and the ongoing provision of tailored community supports. This is why belong approached Communify earlier this year to propose a merger in the interest of long-term sustainability, an offer that has now been accepted.

From July 1st onwards, Communify will oversee the management and operations of belong, providing much-needed back office support to the belong neighbourhood centre at Acacia Ridge. The community groups and activities, training programs, and services operated by belong will continue as normal under Communify’s management. This will ensure that the members of our local community who are in greatest need will continue to be supported.

Having delivered a robust, multi-faceted suite of supportive and empowering services for over 30 years, the impact of belong’s work within Brisbane south communities cannot be overstated. Guided by their commitment to upholding social justice, fostering community engagement and embracing diversity as key to enhanced community cohesion, belong’s approach to community service delivery represents a strong alignment of values with Communify.

Communify is looking forward to nurturing the myriad of community partnerships established by belong. We are committed to working with our local communities to provide inclusive, responsive opportunities that encourage participation in community life.

If you have any enquiries about the merger of Communify and belong, you can email or call (07) 3510 2700.