Queensland Child Protection Week is all about raising awareness of the importance of keeping children safe.

Artists have created these resources so community groups and people at home throughout Queensland can run their own creative workshops.

Child Protection Week

Talented artists have designed an easy to make kangaroo that can be put together and decorated by children of all ages.

This spring our hand made kangaroos are going to be state-wide, as community groups and kindys make and decorate their kangaroos in the lead up to Child Protection Week as we remember that child protection is everybody’s business.

Child Protection Week is recognised nationally from 3 – 9 September 2023

Everything you need to run your own children’s “make a kangaroo” workshop is here to follow at home or in a group.

You can download and print the template and instructions, gather up a few easy to find materials and follow our video. OR order a kangaroo making kit for your community group or kindergarten (below) and we’ll send you everything you need to run your own workshop.

Each kit will have templates for 30 kangaroos. You’ll only have to provide a few of your own colouring and craft resources. Kits are available until sold out.

2023 Theme:

One of the traits of the kangaroo is its ability to leap, be it going toward something new or from an unpleasant situation, kangaroos leap. One reason a kangaroo hops is to protect its young. Kangaroos hold their young joeys in their pouch until they are old enough to look after themselves.

The pouch is a safe place that gives the joey everything they need to grow up happy and healthy. The kangaroo represents the ability to adapt, stamina and making wise choices. Hop into the Queensland Child Protection Week art project and show your support for protecting children and young people during Queensland Child Protection Week 2023.

All kits are now fully allocated but you can still use our templates and instructions to create your kangaroo. Thanks for your support!

Follow our artist in this video

This project is funded by Queensland Child Protection Week.

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