Today is Meals on Wheels Day and we’re celebrating the great achievements we’ve made this year during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more than 40 years Communify, and The Paddington District Meals on Wheels Branch before that, has been delivering hearty, nutritious meals to local residents in inner North-West Brisbane.

Our service has been busier than ever this year, with many community members self-isolating at home to protect themselves from the virus. In March 2020 we had our busiest month, delivering more than double the meals we delivered the year before.

We’ve been able to provide nutritious and tasty meals to many more people during the pandemic thanks to staff and volunteers who go above and beyond to ensure the safety of our clients.

Our wonderful volunteers have been flexible, understanding and extra cautious, ensuring that meals are delivered safely while still checking in on our clients to make sure everything is OK.

Will (pictured below) has been a Meals on Wheels volunteer for 11 years! This year he pitched in to help wherever he can during the pandemic.

“I do it because I like the sense of community,” he said.

“I love seeing the people I visit each week. As volunteers, we bring a sense of community to them, but they also extend our community. It’s definitely a two-way street.”

If you’d like to find out more about our Meals on Wheels service and other services offered to those over 65, please call us on 3368 3723.