You are welcome to serve cold drinks, tea, coffee and food in all of our community spaces.

Strictly NO BYO alcohol. If you wish to have alcohol at our community spaces you are welcome to use a licensed caterer of your choice. If you have your own caterer providing a bar, their licence will need to be viewed before making your booking.

Communify supports the use of social enterprise caterers who provide fantastic food and service and also give back to the community.

Catering services we recommend are:

  • Australian Catering Services
    “We are pleased to supply excellent food, beverage and event solutions to Communify clients and guests to enhance their experience at Communify venues”. 
  • ESPRESSO TRAIN Café & Catering
    Espresso Train is one of the highest rated caterers in Brisbane. The Espresso Train can cater for daytime meetings, training, wakes and events from 2 to 200 guests.
  • The GOOD FOOD Project
    The Good Food Project brings the best of world cuisine with a social flavour. The team specialises in private event catering for 1 to 1000 people for special events, weddings, conferences and functions. We can also serve alcohol within licencing limitations.