We are proud to provide tools to help people live their best lives after experiencing unexpected challenges. Here is a photo we love of Helen, one of our Clayfield House residents, with Gabby, our Senior Practitioner from the Sustaining Tenancies team. Gabby is wearing the cozy, beautiful blanket that Helen made for her by hand. 

The housing crisis has seen many people experience homelessness for the first time in their lives, or become at risk of homelessness, where previously they have been continuously secure in their housing situation. One of the cohorts of our community who have been particularly impacted in this way are older people living on a single income, who are often struggling with health issues, and who often lack options for family support.

That’s why Communify was pleased to partner with BRIC Housing to deliver housing supports at Clayfield House, a new social housing complex formally opened by the Department of Housing in June 2023. Currently there are 36 residents at the complex. Communify supports the residents with links to referral services and long-term supports, as well as facilitating activities to help the residents engage with their community and pursue an active, connected lifestyle. 

Here are some smiling faces from the recent Christmas party at Clayfield House: 

Clayfield House Christmas Party